Translator needed!

Ok guys we are looking for another translator to help us out with our projects, we are gonna pick up at least one more project but to do that I will need a translator.

If someone is interested let me know by emailing us at

Enjoy our releases! 🙂

Accel World chapter 17

Here is another Accel World chapter! Hope you enjoy it!

We are in need for another translator to pick up another possible project. If you are a translator and you are interested in helping us out you can mail us at .

We now have a twitter and a google+ account if you want to keep track of our new releases and news! You can find us here (twitter) and here (google+)


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Dural – Magisa Garden “Show and Tell” Chapter 7

Ok guys here is chapter 7 from our new project Dural – Magisa Garden!! 🙂

I hope you like it as much as I did.


Special thanks to all the new guys in One Time Scans that helped release this chapter.

Also again need to thanks tap-trans for letting us release it as well as chibi manga for helping us with it!


Also on a smaller note I now have put google+ and twitter links if you are into that so you can keep up with our releases better! 🙂


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News about ongoing projects

Well today we released our second chapter as a group and I must say I feel proud and  we will keep doing it for as long as we can.

Now I know that the releases are not of the best quality…it comes with the fact that I had to do as I said before stuff that I never done before not to mention that while I worked before in other groups I never had to take care of everything.

I am happy to announce however that thanks to those 2 chapters we got some new members joining up for better releases! So expect the quality to be better in next chapters!


Now some news regarding our projects. Right now we only have Accel World but I was actively looking for more projects and was also asking you guys what you might want.

After looking up everything you suggested and our tastes as a group I found a few quite interesting!

However due to the fact that we are a small group (and for the time being I want to keep it like that until I learn more about the managing of a group) I do not want to take a lot of projects at the same time and keep releasing what we have in a good speed. Not to mention that because we are small and new I do not have the funds to maintain a lot of projects at the same time.


So I decided for the time being to start another project while we are doing Accel World!

Our new project would be an Accel World spin off  “Accel World / Dural – Magisa Garden”  (
The manga was/is originally been translated by tap-trans ( but after I talked with them they agreed to let me translate chapters of  it. They will restart the project themselves at a later date and when that happens I agreed to drop the project. But until then I will have the releases. 🙂

So keep  looking forward for more releases by One Time Scans!




Accel World Chapter 16



I know that initially I said that this might have been a one time thing but since I started begging asking around for help chibi manga were kind enough to lend me one of their translators to help me out! So we bought raws as well to keep doing more chapters!


On a different note my group is looking to do more mangas so if you have a manga that you like and it is dropped or not picked up yet let me know and will see if we can come up with something.



For now I will close recruitment because I have all the people I need. Will update you if I need more! 🙂


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Help Wanted! Closed for now!

Right now as I already said I run this group by myself, problem is…it is a lot of work not to mention that if I don’t have a translator no work can be done! After I did some posts in various forums begging asking for help I had an email from Chibi Manga! Chibi offered me a translator if I help them with some of their projects by cleaning and I agreed. After that however they offered me even more by accepting to be my Raw Provider so now we have already ordered the new volume for Accel World!

Today however I got some more good news. Another translator offered to help me with translating as well so I gave her another chapter to try and translate since she is new to this!

So  with that I believe we are good to go with translators! 🙂


What I DO need now however is a Proofreader and maybe a Typesetter for better and faster releases.

If anyone is interested post a comment below or mail me at



EDIT : For the time being I have the people I need to keep the releases going. Later on we might get more members but since we are new at the moment I want to keep it small. Thank you all for mailing me and offering your free time to work in the group! 🙂


Accel World Chapter 15

After almost a year here is another release for Accel World.

Riceballicious decided that they no longer wish to do this manga so I decided to start doing it on my own!

Special thanks to ap from Norway Scans for it since he was a great help and without his translation we wouldn’t be able to do this.

Right now I am in need of people to help me out with this project. So if anyone can help me out I will be thankful. You can post a comment here or simply mail me at




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