Accel World Chapter 15

After almost a year here is another release for Accel World.

Riceballicious decided that they no longer wish to do this manga so I decided to start doing it on my own!

Special thanks to ap from Norway Scans for it since he was a great help and without his translation we wouldn’t be able to do this.

Right now I am in need of people to help me out with this project. So if anyone can help me out I will be thankful. You can post a comment here or simply mail me at




Download  : Here

Online Reader Here | Batoto : Here

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  1. Oh!!! That’s a good idea! Please send me an email, I’ll invite you to our “Project Lounge” You can see my email at the WordPress Comment area right? 🙂

  2. Hello, we’re from Nekyou Scanlation. We were originally going to take the series and even bought the raws. 🙂 I would like to tell you that we want to take over this series from Chapter 16 onward. If you like, we could have it as a Joint Scanlation or Join Us if you like.

    But with that said, we’re serious about this series, we just didn’t get the raws scanned in time.

    Hope you reply soon.

    • I have originaly contacted riceballicious the former scanlation group and they agreed to drop the project thus why I started it. At the moment I have bought the raws as well. I can’t just give the series to you. I am however interested in a joint. I have translations and chapters ready for chapter 16 and 17 though and I am just gonna go ahead and release them but if you are interested we can start the joint from chapter 18 and onwards.

      • Okay, sounds like a plan. I’ll notify my team about it.

        Also what would like us to do? If possible we would like to have the Translator spot on our side since our Project Manager for this is a Translator.

        • Hm, I would have hoped I keep the translation on my side but ok will have a talk with my translators. I can take the cleaning and maybe QC if you want but would preffer if you take ts and pr mainly cause I don’t usually do typesetting in mangas and because english is not my main language. If however you have a problem with typesseting I can take that too.

          • Okay, sounds good. We’ll wait for the Translator position whether it will be yours or ours. It’s the most important part since on our side. He’s the most eager to do this and won’t be possible without him.

          • We could even do a mix if you want or your translator is willing. One chapter your translator one chapter mine.

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