Discord server now live!

Hey guys, so as the title says we now have a discord server! There were quite a few people asking if we have one so we decided to make one!

For the time being there is a general channel and a reddit update channel. We do plan to have a channel that will have a bot that will update the project status every hour so people know in what status each project is.

There is one bot on it at the moment that is used for social stuff.

Please keep in mind that the server can and will change. If you have a suggestion feel free to tell us!

Feel free to join for a chat! The link to join is https://discord.gg/J6x9zGq

For any questions for the group feel free to either post a comment here or mail us at onetimescans@gmail.com.

To keep in touch with our news and releases find us in twitter, google+ or facebook

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