Help Wanted! Closed for now!

Right now as I already said I run this group by myself, problem is…it is a lot of work not to mention that if I don’t have a translator no work can be done! After I did some posts in various forums begging asking for help I had an email from Chibi Manga! Chibi offered me a translator if I help them with some of their projects by cleaning and I agreed. After that however they offered me even more by accepting to be my Raw Provider so now we have already ordered the new volume for Accel World!

Today however I got some more good news. Another translator offered to help me with translating as well so I gave her another chapter to try and translate since she is new to this!

So  with that I believe we are good to go with translators! 🙂


What I DO need now however is a Proofreader and maybe a Typesetter for better and faster releases.

If anyone is interested post a comment below or mail me at



EDIT : For the time being I have the people I need to keep the releases going. Later on we might get more members but since we are new at the moment I want to keep it small. Thank you all for mailing me and offering your free time to work in the group! 🙂


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  1. I would be willing to volunteer my help as well, but i am currently in Australia, not sure if the timezones are appropriate

  2. cant help u with your help wanted as no skillz in that but if u ever do get more people think u could pick up Ouke no Monshou they stoped at a cliffhanger

  3. Teras, I would apply to be a proofreader for you.

    • As there is no edit button I am just posting this as a reply, I made a mistake in the last post, and something I want to add.

      Teras, I would like to apply to be a proofreader for you. Also if you need it, I can quality-check for you.

      • Thank you for your interest mate I will mail you in your email (I can see it from wordpress)

        Also thank you for the feedback on the site will try to find out how to put an edit faction on the comments!

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