Accel World Chapter 16



I know that initially I said that this might have been a one time thing but since I started begging asking around for help chibi manga were kind enough to lend me one of their translators to help me out! So we bought raws as well to keep doing more chapters!


On a different note my group is looking to do more mangas so if you have a manga that you like and it is dropped or not picked up yet let me know and will see if we can come up with something.



For now I will close recruitment because I have all the people I need. Will update you if I need more! 🙂


Download  : Here

Online Reader Here | Batoto : Here

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  1. Thanks for picking it up! I love the series, and got worried when it got dropped…

    Keep up the good work, guys =D

  2. I have waiting a couple of months for the new accel world chp since I discovered it and I am glad to say you guys still do an amazing job

  3. Thanks for picking up this series!

  4. thanks for uploading accel world! it’s been ages since i last read a new chapter!!
    in regards to other manga, i’m not sure if it’s dropped or what but “area no kishi” is one of my favorites. but a new chapter hasn’t been released in a long time. if you could pick that up or something that would b we awsome!
    p.s. i wish i could help you out but i suck at all other languages other than english. and only own a phone.
    also i bookmarked your page.

    keep up the good work!

  5. Why? Why jpg? It’s 2014 already…

  6. OMG!!!! thank u so much u guys this is awesome.

    I am looking forward for this project to continue.

    BTW since you are asking for any dropped or not picked up mangas I would begged horribly for the second best creation of Accel World’s author and try to look for Sword Art Online (if u guys can do something abouth the licensed light novel that would be great too.

    And I will really like to know if you can investigate about High School of the Dead.

    Please I will be so grateful to u guys for this!!!!! XD

    Keep up the good work

    • Guy I am sorry it’s me again from previous comment !!! XD

      I almost forgot another great Project that I am sure u will be delighted.

      It is the Spin-off manga of the same Accel World.

      The Name is: Aceel World / Dural Magisa Garden

      It is just as good as the original. So far they have only 6 Chapters Released.

      BTW I have in my pc 6-7 chapters which were RAW but never releases any Translations.

      I’ll be honor if I can send u guys these chapters so u can as well continue this great story.

      Please if u guys are interested just reply and I will be on this site waiting for it lol 😀

      Thank u so much for reading my thanks and requests to u guys XD

      • I am actually interested about Accel World / Dural – Magisa Garden will look into it more first with the groups that used to do it to make sure it is dropped.

        As for Sword art online as far as I know it is still being translated so we can’t take that. 🙂

        • That’s great u guys!!!!

          Well the best I can do is wishing u guys the best and thanking u so much for bringing back to life such great series.

          I am looking forward for ur new Projects. d(^__^)b

  7. Yay ! Thanks a lot !
    I really like this manga, and I was a little sad that it got dropped (and my japanese is not even enough to held a conversation, so… it’ld be useless for trad scans).

    Thanks a lot !

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