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Well today we released our second chapter as a group and I must say I feel proud and  we will keep doing it for as long as we can.

Now I know that the releases are not of the best quality…it comes with the fact that I had to do as I said before stuff that I never done before not to mention that while I worked before in other groups I never had to take care of everything.

I am happy to announce however that thanks to those 2 chapters we got some new members joining up for better releases! So expect the quality to be better in next chapters!


Now some news regarding our projects. Right now we only have Accel World but I was actively looking for more projects and was also asking you guys what you might want.

After looking up everything you suggested and our tastes as a group I found a few quite interesting!

However due to the fact that we are a small group (and for the time being I want to keep it like that until I learn more about the managing of a group) I do not want to take a lot of projects at the same time and keep releasing what we have in a good speed. Not to mention that because we are small and new I do not have the funds to maintain a lot of projects at the same time.


So I decided for the time being to start another project while we are doing Accel World!

Our new project would be an Accel World spin off  “Accel World / Dural – Magisa Garden”  (
The manga was/is originally been translated by tap-trans ( but after I talked with them they agreed to let me translate chapters of  it. They will restart the project themselves at a later date and when that happens I agreed to drop the project. But until then I will have the releases. 🙂

So keep  looking forward for more releases by One Time Scans!




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  1. Say, do you think you could do Code Geass Oz manga, its been years now since its debut but no one has started translated it, nor did the other group finish or started on the last volume of Code Geass Renya of Darkness/Shikkoku no Renya. Do you think you could do these later on?

    • Will keep it in mind as well but there are 2 problems with picking up new projects at the moment. First I need to find raws for any of the new ones and 2. I would actually need another translator (my current ones are doing the other projects) and he/she to actually like the series to do them.

      • well, go to; it has the complete volumes of the series, but you can do vol. 7 as well as 3 volumes for OZ to start out.

  2. Thanks for picking up AW spinoff been enjoying it so far. What I’d like to know is what are your release dates(monthly,weekly,bi-monthly,etc.) so I know when to read them. Keep up the great job! 😀

    • Thanks, well we are trying to do 1 chapter every week but it’s really up to the translators when they will finish each chapter. 🙂

  3. I literally love you guys! You’re so brave doing this by yourselves ( especially you Teras ) ! So thanks a lot to the one time scans crew for keeping Accel World as your priorities and making this possible 🙂
    (Sorry for my bad English I’m French )

  4. if your still looking for more project try picking up seraph of the end and maybe ubel blatt(not sure if some group already did) from the 3 month inactive imperial scans

    • Thanks for the info, will look into them.

    • Well Ubel blatt as of now is only 1 chapter behind and i think it is still translating as for seraph of the end i have no idea whats going on whith that and i would want someone to pick up Cavalier in the Abyss since that was droped a while back and i want that to continue

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