Accel World chapter 17

Here is another Accel World chapter! Hope you enjoy it!

We are in need for another translator to pick up another possible project. If you are a translator and you are interested in helping us out you can mail us at .

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  1. Lampi Lampenscherz

    Hi – thanks a bunch fór picking this up, you’re doing really well! 🙂

  2. So happy to see this one picked up. Keep it coming!

  3. AWESOME! Been waiting so long. Thanks for the hard work!

  4. Thanks for the release!

  5. Random question: I’ve been reading accel world lately, and ive noticed that recent chapters are jumping some areas. Are they supposed to do that?

    • Honestly I don’t know what you are talking about. 🙂 If you can point me to that area jump I can take a look. However I must say there is no chance anything is missing…for the simple reason that the translator the cleaner AND the typesetter take a copy of the chapter to do their work and no one noticed (not to mention the quality checker would have noticed it as well since he checks for errors). Besides that I don’t see any inconsistency with the story to indicate anything missing.

      Chapters are scanned from the magazine and are cleaned and translated as is.

  6. Thank you, guys! Keep up the great work! =D

  7. Thank you. I didn’t think this would get picked up again

  8. I thought this would never be picked up thanks a million guys and keep up the great wrk

  9. Thanks for the new release!

  10. Thank you for the chapter.

  11. thanks man.

    Almost a year without an update and you broke the silence.

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