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  1. I am willing proofread some of the manga you release in english and fix some mistakes if you want me to do it i have quite alot of free time

  2. sorry this is not related to recruiting, but what is the image source on that recruitment page? i cannot find it 🙁

  3. Hello! I don’t know if you guys have expanded to it or not, but if you guys ever need someone to translate manga from English to Spanish I’ll always be available to do it. Though I don’t think you guys are heading in that direction yet let me know if you ever consider it.

  4. Hey, I was wondering if you would let me be a cleaner. My brother used to be a cleaner himself but he had to give it up because of his Girlfriend lol. please email me if you need my help (^_^)

  5. Hey, I’m pretty good at cleaning so I was wondering if I could. I’m still a beginner, but I’m sure I will get better over time.

  6. I would like to try helping out with translating from Japanese to English for you. I sent you an email just a little while ago as well.

  7. Hi! Im wondering if it is possible for me to help you guys out as a proofreader.
    I’m pretty good at correcting bad grammar and words that are just wrong.
    I dont even know how to join you guys so… Please tell me if it is possible for
    Me to join 🙂 Im Swedish but i speak more English even though i live in Sweden.
    English is my hobby 😉
    Discord (Ellepf#8212)
    Instagram growtopia_ellepf

  8. I am really good in photoshop and was wondering if I can join you as a cleaner/typesetter. I am fully aware that I will not get paid for it, I just wanted to do some fanservice.
    I have already practiced cleaning many manga chapters and now I am confident in my skills.
    So looking forward to work with you guys.
    (though i am doing this because you provide some of my favourite manga)(also this will be my first time working like this)

  9. I have Years of photoshop experience and upload my works on deviant art and Artworks of my Steam Section.If you need a Typesetter or a Redrawer , be sure to hit me up.
    My deviant Art :
    My Steam Page :
    I don’t upload much often but i can keep on drawing ( 7 years in Manga fan art now )

    P.S: I am improving a lot , I will soon Apply for a Cleaner

    • I tried my skills they are rough round the edges. I will contact you soon. I probably will turn down request or End up getting fired , give me a week or two to refine my skills and Practice on some raws. I want to offer my best.

  10. If you ever need a typesetter/cleaner/redrawer/PR for Accel World, flick me a message 🙂 (may consider other manga too)

  11. i dont know if I can help that much cause Im still learning Japanese but I like to try because manga is my passion so if you can reply to this…

  12. I was wondering could I apply and help out with anything related to like i don’t know replacing translated text or helping out with anything in general related to photoshop needs?

    • We are looking for cleaners at the moment but we do need someone that already knows how to do it. If you do or have read some tutorials and want to try we can send you the trial.

  13. I really like watching anime and read a manga so that’s why I really want this job because it’s kinda like my dream now

  14. i’m malaysian and still learning Japanese language so I sincerely hope that I can get this job

    • Thank you for your interest! For the time being though we aren’t looking for new translators. I do have to mention though in case you didn’t know that, this is not a job. We are a scanlation group which means we do what we do for free, we aren’t getting paid for it.

  15. Greetings!

    I’m looking forward to boost my experiences here; I’m a Thai student studying Japanese and I wanted to see how I could help anyone with my current knowledge (even though I’m no professional currently ;-;). Are the positions as the translators available? Thanks!

  16. Hello there, I’m willing to try the test to be a JP-ENG TL. Would you mail me? Thanks

  17. I was wondering if the position of a Typesetter is vacant or not.. I am good with Photoshop and I was just wondering is=f this position is open or not ….

  18. Hey I was wondering if I could try to get experience from you guys with trying to be a proofreader for something or other…

    Mail me ^^

  19. Hi! I want to help translating manga.
    I know Japanese and I am currently improving on it…. I am also learning Chinese and Korean atm.

  20. Hi, interested to join your group. I was brought here by one of your projects, DanMachi. I have no experience, am native English speaker, with basic Japanese fluency. Hoping to help out with proofreading and some light translations!

  21. I’m am interested to proof read any manga
    Sent me a mail if you like me to help

  22. I am interested in filling any position you have except translator

  23. Hi I wanted to possibly apply for the job of Portuguese to English translator if possible, thank you.

  24. Though I’m a bit disappeared because I wanted to join you guys, but I dont think I’m elagable for the jobs. Regardless if you have some sort of art related job please let me know.

  25. Hey just want to say thank you for the fun and joyment that you all give me. The art on a lot of the manga is beautiful and awesome the writing and words are well used and I very much do appreciate to amount of work and time everyone put in. Also love goes out to to writers and drawers of Tate no yuusha no Nariagari. Keep the good work up. Thank you. ?

  26. Helpingoutisfun

    Hi, I appreciate everything you guys do. Thank you so much. Are guys in need of a typesetter? (I’m a beginner)

  27. Onetimescans thank you for the hard work and if you want help with cleaner (art?) i can help you right away.

  28. Greetings fellow scanlators.
    I am a PR for Hotchocolate scans, but I don’t get enough to do, I proofread a chapter of a manga called Grand Blue and then I’ve also proofread a few of the Masamune-kun chapters. But since I really enjoy proofreading I think it’s kind of depressing that I don’t get to do anything, so I’d be more than happy to help you with some manga, manhua or manhwa scans.

    • Hey there thanks for applying! I am afraid for now we are not looking for more proofreaders but thanks for messaging us! In the future if we are in need of more proofreaders I will be sure to look you up since I also know the admins of hotchocolate! 😉

  29. Hey I’m a big fan of the projects you guys do I don’t know if I can help but I’d love to try

  30. I donated 1 euro and had been waiting for it to update. lmao

    • The update is done manually so when I am sleeping it will have to wait. At any rate thank you for your kind donation!

  31. Dear Onetimescan group

    I’m a newbie translator who r interested in the manga on your website.(ง ˙o˙)ว
    I would like to gain experience in translating any manga from your website and wanted to share the joy from manga that I love with other people as soon as possible. Therefore I would like to apply for JP-raw’s translator position on your website. Thank you so much

    Best wish,
    (please contact me via mail) (*^-^*)ノ~~

  32. Hello, I’m an editor/typesetter currently working in iManga Scans and Outerworld Scans group. I would like to apply as a typesetter for your group as well.
    Please email me if interested or require more detail ^^

  33. I would like to join as a translator for Eromanga Sensei. English’s my primary language, whereas Chinese (both Traditional/Simplified script) and Japanese are my secondary languages.

    I’ve never worked in these kind of projects, so please inform me with instructions thoroughly. Contact me by e-mail (I have it on alert, and I will know it!).

  34. Hello I would like to join as a Translator. I have already passed the N2.
    Contact me with the test and the details on the projects you recruit for.
    Waiting your reply.

  35. Im Hiro and I came to see if I can get hired as a Colorist, at the same time I redraw and trasnslate. (sorry for the low bg Information desu~). My work is in my Deviant account im not a Pro but lets see what happends.

  36. keep up the good work guys I hope to see soon the Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka,Sword Oratoria, and the shield hero bro :)..

    • Danmachi and tate no yuusha will be released in Japan next month so you will have to wait until then I am afraid. As for Sword oratoria we are already working on it but boy this chapter is huge (50 pages with a ton of text) that is why it is taking us so long.

  37. Hello. I’m a Edit-er(Clear Text , Clean raw , Type and Redraw) I have a suggestion if you can translate one of the two seri manga or I will work’s completion of an editor-er. Contact me: .

  38. Hey i don’t know if i can help you but if you need translator maybe i can help you it’s my first time in translating a manga but my JLPT rank is N2.

  39. Can you add some more chapters to Death March, I would really appreciate it. Thx!

    • I am afraid we are not doing death march anymore. As we told before it was only a one time release the manga was given to the other group. As you can see it is not even listed in our projects page.

  40. Can someone please translate the Etrian odyssey III manga? Only six chapters of II are out so far.

  41. Do you guys still need a typesetter. If so contact me.

  42. I don’t think I’ve ever left thank you messages to manga trsanslators much before, but I really want to this time haha

    Thank you so much for translating TATE NO YUUSHA NO NARIAGARI asdfghjkl the new chapter was cool haha
    Can’t believe it’s a monthly manga though T_T

    Thank you!

  43. Hi,
    I wonder if you’re in need of proofreaders? I want to work with any project.


    • Grettings thanks for your interest! At the moment we don’t need more proofreaders but we might in the future and if so we will put recruitment posts! 🙂

  44. I want to be a translator I speak Japanese and English fluently but I have no experience you can test me if you want just email me.

  45. Hey, I’m a big fan of your guys’ scans, and also of most of the series you all cover.
    If you ever need a typesetter or a proofreader (or both), I’d be happy to help out, just shoot me an email!

  46. Hello,
    I’m intrested in becoming a translator, tough I don’t have any experience. If you are interested, you may testing me. Thanks

  47. Hello,
    I’m interested in becoming a translator, tough I don’t have any experience. If you’re interested in taking me in,you may test my skills since I’m afraid if my skills are not good enough.

  48. Hello I was wondering if there was still need for a proofreader. Pleas contact me !

    • Hey there! Thank you for your interest. For now we are not in need of more proofreaders but will email you if we need in the future! 🙂

  49. Hey I am studying English teacher and I was wondering if you still need a proofreader or something. Since I am reading some of your translated manga I would love to do something back.

    • Thank you for offering to help! It’s always nice when people want to help and not just read! I am afraid however that for now all positions are covered but I will keep your email if that is ok with you to inform you if there is need for help in the future!

      Thanks again for the offer!

  50. hi buddies! if you need some typesetter to do some stuff im here, I can do a test if you wish so.

  51. Hey There you recruit cleaner ?

    • Hey there, we do in fact look for cleaners. You dont have to be very experianced but it is always welcome. Send us an email if you are up for it.

  52. I know Japanese. It may not be solid enough for translating but it definitely is for proofreading. I know solid Portuguese and French if you guys need that. Also some Italian. If you guys don’t mind fresh meat, I’d like to help.

  53. Hey I was wondering if I could try to get experience from you guys with trying to be a proofreader for something or other

    • Come in our IRC channel there are always people in there that you can talk about proofreading or other positions! Info for the channel can be found in the Join us page.

  54. Hello,
    I’m interested in becoming a redrawer for the manga Zero Kara Hajimeru(Sequel). If you’re interested in taking me in,you may test my skills since I’m afraid if my skills are not good enough.

  55. Would you consider picking up 7th Garden it has been 3 months sincethe last release?

    • I am afraid we are not planning to pick more projects at the moment. With the members we have right now if we pick more manga we will get slow in releasing new chapters.

      • You could just say you don’t find it interesting enough to work on it and not to LIE(leechers like me)-five new project after my asking

        • The projects we released we already had them in our plans. At the end of the day we are not gonna apologize for picking projects if you are so interested in that manga feel free to make a group yourself and release it instead of blaming us that we lied to you…

  56. Hi Guys,
    I’m Typesetter and I have interest in helping tsing Dungeon and Sword Oratoria.

  57. Hahaha that fine.
    If you need a cleaner please let me know.
    Thank you

  58. Dear Onetimescan group,

    I’m transtator form Bm-landz fs.
    Do you still want a cleaner for manga “Im”? I found in your credit page that you are looking for someone to do this position.
    Since your group and my group are also translating same manga but we can’t find Jp raw by ourself. I asked my friend and he said “ok” but he is not sure about the quality and his skill will reach your expectation or not.

    thank you

    • Thanks for letting me know. We have cleaned both chapter 2 and 3 for now I will see what we will do when chapter 4 comes out!

  59. Dear Onetimescan group

    I’m a translator for BMlandzFS Thai-fansub and I interest in new manga [Im] in your website.
    do you mind if I ask for JP-raw for this manga from your group. Thank you so much

    Best wish,
    (please contact me via mail or facebook)

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