Dekisokonai no Monster Trainer

Dekisokonai no Monster Trainer

Dekisokonai Project  

Synopsis :

In a world where everyone has a monster crest from birth, a select few rise to become Monster Trainers. Reyn Erhardt, a slime trainer, the lowest of the low, cares nothing for status and just continues his daily regimen of training for his personal slime, Pem-Pem. Yet in school dominated monsters as grand as dragons,  those who cannot hope to rise to the top take out their frustrations on the lowest ones, and Reyn and Pem-Pem make for easy marks.  Or do they?


Author: Minami Takumi
Artist: YUI


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  1. Hello, I am brazilian, I would like your permission to translate your work

  2. Translator In Free Time

    Hello, I am a Spanish reader, and if it is not annoyance, I would like your permission to translate your work

  3. Okay, I left a comment earlier mentioning the link to the reader, just got to reading and changing the address to otscans actually leads to a different manga. So yeah, that’s a thing.

    • Thanks for pointing it out. We have some server issues the past few days. At any rate the link is fixed now.

  4. Quick note that I think the link to the online reader is incorrect. When I click on it it leads to a completely different site than other works. Seems like the link uses “” rather than “”. Changing that manually leads to the reader.

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