Alderamin on the Sky

Alderamin on the Sky



Synopsis :

The Katjvarna Empire and the Kioka Republic are at war, and Katjvarna is currently defending their border against Kioka’s attacks. Yatorishino is from an influential family in the empire, and she’s taking the high ranking officer exams. To make sure she passes at the top, she’s convinced lazy, anti-war, girl-crazy Ikuta to take the exams as well and help her, in exchange for a favor from her family. The first, written test goes as planned, and then they head off on a boat for the next. Unfortunately, the boat sinks, and Yatorishino, Ikuta, some other examinees, and a mysterious, important little girl are stranded behind enemy lines!

Author: UNO Bokuto
Artist: KAWAKAMI Taiki


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  1. Do they plan to release only 1 chapter per month in Japan?

  2. No new chapter?

  3. Did you already start for chapter 20?

  4. I don’t understand.. Did Yatori love or like Ikta? I kinda want to see them together

  5. I hope Yen Press didn’t licensed this…

  6. Do you already have vol 20 raw? Jcafe is down right now

    • Chapter 20 is not released yet. We have chapter 19 and already working on it to release it. Chapter 20 will come out on the Japanese site in 5 days.

  7. More More More~!!

  8. thank you for the aswer

  9. Chapter 17 was released in Japan when it will be released in English ?

    • Chapter 17 was released on the mag. We get it however from the online reader and it is released tomorrow there. We will released it when we finish it. We can’t give release dates because we ourselves don’t know when we are gonna finish it. The sure thing is that we try to stay up to date.

  10. HHHAAA I can’t wait for the chapter 16

  11. have you dropped this?
    if not, please releases chapters!, it been 2 months to last chapter releases

  12. Please keep going! This manga is very very good!

  13. thanks for the 10th chapter, waiting for the next one!

  14. The for the chapters love your work!

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