Eiyuu Kyoushitsu (Class Room✿For Heroes)

Eiyuu Kyoushitsu (Class Room✿For Heroes)

This is the restart of the old Eiyuu Kyoushitsu manga!

Eiyuu Kyoushitsu1


Synopsis :

Long ago, a powerful demon lord ruled over the people until an equally powerful hero rose up to defeat him. To counter future threats, Rosewood Academy, a school for heroes-in-training, was created. Today, Rosewood Academy enrolls only the best of the best, and Arnest Flaming is the best of them all. The top student in the school, a dutiful girl nicknamed “Empress of Flame”, she has an irritating encounter with a light-hearted boy in the school hallway one day who seems to equal her powers, though she’s never seen him before. He introduces himself only as Blade, and Arnest soon finds out not only is he transferring into the school as a new student, but she is personally requested by the King to help him settle in to daily life in Rosewood Academy.


Author: ARAKI Shin
Artist: MINAKUCHI Takashi

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  1. Is this really a restart because there isn’t any new chapters.

  2. Hello, is this série death or finish? (Just asking cause 2015)

  3. is this manga 1 chapter every three weeks???

  4. i hope more comes soon!!

  5. Yeah dead for me as well, takes me to a signup form and payment request. Seems mediafire are getting very pushy with it these days

    • Well it should work now..no idea why that happen. Honestly I hate mediafire…slow and always have the risk of them taking down chapters. I might consider moving to something else at some point.

  6. The download link is broken.

    • With a first look it works fine for me. Will check it later from the pc (on phone atm) but yeah seems it’s working.

  7. Thanks a lot for the releases from this series it is really interesting so far

  8. my heart go doki doki

  9. Thanks for picking up this series!
    Can’t wait to see how this adventure unfolds. 😀

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