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We will show you here 2 ways to join our IRC channel. The first method is for chat purposes only. The second method is used to download our chapters.

First method (for chat purposes only)

If you want to join our IRC just to chat the channel name is #onetime and it is hosted in you can easily access it by going here (mibbit client). Put the nickname you want and hit “Go” (You can’t download with this method).

Second method (for downloads)


The tutorial will use the HexChat client since it’s free.

Once the installation is done open the program. Once you do that this window will pop up :

 first window

Put your desired nickname(s) in the fields at the top. Now in the ‘networks’ box find the network named “ IRCHighWay” and once you select it, hit edit. This is the window that will pop up :

irchighway choice

There, select in the white box ‘’ and hit close. Once you finish that, hit connect.

Once you hit the connect button the program will connect you with that network and a new chat box will open. In that chatbox write /join #onetime

join window

Congratulations you are in onetimes channel!

Now to download a chapter.

Let’s say you want to download tate no yuusha chapter 13. In the release post you will see that we gave the IRC trigger to download it which is !tate13. So the only thing you have to do is type !tate13 and download the chapter.


In case a trigger is not working you can go to this link that has all the packlists of the current chapters on the bot. Find the packlist number of the chapter you want and then message the bot to download it. For example if you want to download !tate13 you will see that the pack number for that chapter is #311 so go to the IRC chat and type /msg loli-chan xdcc send #311 .That will make the bot send you the chapter.

You could also say hello and goodbye while you are in there! 😉


  1. Aw damnit, i cant connect for some reasons, ive managed to make it work before so ive no idea whats wrong either. Did something change or am i just unlucky?

    • Also, the packlist link doesnt work for some reasons. It says that it failed to connect safely so i cant get the chapter list either.. T_T

      • As far as the channel goes nothing has changed as far as I know. As for the packlist we are looking into it.

        • Thanks, ill try and see if i can find something on my end, as long as its working properly then i should be able to connect somehow.

      • Found the problem, in IRCHighWay there was automatically 2 checked parts, as soon as i unchecked “Use SSL for all the servers on this Network” it managed to connect properly. ^^”

    • Connection failed (unable to verify the first certificate.? (21))

  2. Does mediafire take down chapters that are copyrighted? I want to know in case I want to upload other chapters too.

    • If mediafire receives a copyright claim they will remove the chapters. That is why we don’t upload chapters there if the said manga is copyrighted.

  3. Thanks for the IRC tutorial, it always seemed crazy complicated to me.

  4. If we are just fan and not from onetimescan can we download it?

  5. mac download too hard

  6. ViruswolfStarkuro

    I just joined hope you’ll have me around.

  7. how many chapters are currently out right now? just curious?

  8. It crashes when i try to download.

  9. I click on the packet list link, but it comes up with a blank web page with the words ‘not found’ on it :T

  10. Tks a lot for everything, but…. i cant dd from the irc the first chapter of re zero (!zero1)…..

    • We fixed the trigger however in the future if you have a problem downloading a chapter read the IRCs channel tittle. It has a link that gives you all the packlist numbers for our chapters to directly message the bot to download it without a trigger (it tells you how to do that in the link as well).

  11. Noob here, doesn’t let le connect; says connection failed (unable to verify the first certification.? (21)). What do I do?

    • You probably have “Use SSL for all the networks on the server” clicked (in the edit window of “IRCHighWay”) — go back to the server list, find IRCHighWay, click edit, then uncheck that box.

  12. ♛✨Joōheika Anon✨♛

    Never mind I worked it out in mirc

    Love you ^_~

  13. ♛✨Joōheika Anon✨♛

    Noob, here… what do i do? i suspect this is because I thought i could use mibbit at first… V_V

    You have been K-Lined.
    * *** You are not welcome on this network.
    * *** K-Lined for Forbidden type of client/bot [RE] (2016/01/20 08.55)

  14. -deleted for being too long-

    Welp. (on MacOS)

    • Hm I am sorry but I haven’t tried the MacOS version of it and the people I know use only windows and linux. It might run into some kind of error in that version not sure. I was gonna recommend to you some other clients but I am not sure if they have a MacOS versions.

    • OK, I tried to reconnect again, then wrote “/server 9999” for the third attempt. Lots of more errors. Then I suddenly got a connection window. So I’m confused about what happened, but it worked out in the end.

  15. It’s possible to download multiple files at once?

  16. Its a good tutorial. It was easy to understand ^_^

  17. Never used one of these before, gonna give it a shot. Thanks for the tutorial.

  18. nice tutorial, i will try it now

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