Rokka no Yuusha

Author: Yamagata Ishio
Artist: Toru Kei
Synopsis: Once upon a time, the Majin and his minions, the Makyou, appeared out of nowhere and devastated the world. Even the Saints, humans who received an aspect of the god power were powerless before him. Until the Majin's rampage was finally stopped by a legendary hero called the "Saint of One Flower". But even she could not kill him and simply put him to sleep. Since then, it is said that the Majin will periodically awaken from his slumber, and will regain the full use of his power after 40 days. However, every time the demon god awaken, 6 heroes will be chosen by the God of Fate in order to put the Majin to sleep again before the end of the 40 days. They will bear the crest of a 6 petal flower somewhere on their body, the divine protection allowing them to enter the Kyouma territory without dying from its poisonous atmosphere. And now, the Majin is awakening for the third time since the Saint of One Flower first defeated him. Adlet Mayer, self proclaimed "strongest man on earth" is one of the 6 heroes chosen and starts to travel toward the border of the Kyouma's territory immediately after receiving the mark. There, he's supposed to reunite with the other 5 chosen heroes and to immediately start his mission. However, at the appointed gathering place, why are there seven people? Right after, the Illusion Fog barrier is activated, shutting the seven right in the forest. They fall to the suspicion that one of them is an enemy. And then, the one whom that suspicion is most directed at is Adlet...
by One Time Scans, 2016.10.15
by One Time Scans, 2016.10.15